Are You Married in Business?

When you’re married and running a business together your marriage needs to be extra strong. Having a loving relationship can be difficult because of all the responsibilities you’re sharing. 

However, when you add in all the responsibilities of running a business together too, well, the pressure can be enough to make even the strongest of marriages crack.

Are You Ready To:
Transform Your Relationship & Business Into What You Dreamed It Could Be

Does this sound like you?

Don't get so busy creating a business that you forget about creating a life. Remember why you started...
Freedom to spend time with the ones you love...

Relationships & family need time and attention. They don’t wait for a business to succeed, or to have a lump sum in the bank. 

The Bottom Line is – They need more of you NOW.

A Better Marriage + A Better Business

Let’s Break It Down

Relationship STRATEGIES

  • Work Through Communication Issues 
  • Let go of the past Emotional Baggage
  • Rebuild the connection and intimacy


  • Create systems & structure that liberate you in your business
  • Plan your business goals
  • Set out your actionable tasks to be productive instead of busy

Business GROWTH

  • Personal Development in Money Mastery 
  • Branding your business
  • Creating rinse and repeat marketing strategies for growth

Kind words from Clients.

Are you ready to have a
Better Marriage + Better Business

Let's go with yes!

The Better Marriage + Better Business Program

As you would know when you’re running a business with your partner, if you are having problems at home it carries over to your business and when there are problems in the business it comes right back home with you and places a strain on the marriage or relationship.

But it doesn’t need to be that way and that’s where I come in…

I am the Creator of The Better Marriage + Better Business Program which is designed to improve communication skills, love & intimacy in the relationship and how to improve your business by implementing systems and structure and improving your profit by leveraging your time.

We’ll work together over the next  6 months to give you a Better Marriage + Better Business.

Here's what's included:

1Better Marriage + Better Business.

Do what you love with the person you love.

Personal Sessions

Individual sessions for personal development and setting personal goals.

Couples Sessions

Couples sessions on communication, connection and shared goals.

Business Sessions

Business Coaching on creating systems, structure for productivity.

And just to make sure....

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

What You'll Learn In This Program



What to do next

Hi there,
I'm Mirella

Business Coach, Marriage Counsellor, NLP Trainer & Best Selling Author in Self-Help & Relationships (The Secret Sauce of Loving Relationships featured at Louise Hay Texas You Can Do It Event).

I’ve combined all my knowledge and experience working with couples over the past 15 years together with my business experience and qualifications to create The Better Marriage + Better Business Program.

I know first hand the challenges that arise from being married and running a business with your partner.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and I learnt from a young age that running a business with your partner can make or break you as a couple.

I’m here to help you have a Better Marriage + Better Business by giving you the tools and strategies to grow your relationship and business as a team.

You've got Questions?

The program is 6 months.

We are flexible with the delivery of this program. You can attend face to face in the office or sessions can be done via Zoom.

You can do this program on your own and you will still learn the relationship skills and tools or you could look at a different program that would suit your needs specifically.

Better Marriage + Better Business

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