7 essential website elements

7 Essential Website Elements

A great deal of work goes into building your business website and planning its content. The last thing you want is for all this work to go to waste. If you’re not saying the right things to the right people in the right way, your site won’t perform well.

Here are the 7 essential website elements of a successful site.

1. A Home Page to Welcome New Visitors

Your home page is the first thing most people will see when they land on your site. It should clearly state who you are and what you do. It should also offer easy, intuitive navigation to the other information the visitor is looking for.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to their Home Page is treating it like a junk drawer.  They add so much information it can be overwhelming and actually confusing to the reader.

Keep it simple and treat it like a entree not a main course. Just give your readers a sample of what’s to come.

2. Quality Content that Delivers

Your website should be filled with quality content, providing the information your target audience is looking for. Each page should offer content that offers helpful information to build relationships, solve problems, earn trust, and explain your services and offerings. The goal is to establish your website as the go-to place for information.

Content is essential website element because it show cases your knowledge and expertise. It helps sets you apart from others in your industry. 

Writing quality content is worth the time and effort because you can repurpose the information and share throughout your social media as part of your marketing strategy to build your audience, gain more followers and convert your browers into buyers.

Checkout our other blogs for examples of valuable content.

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3. Tell Your Story

Somewhere on your website, you should tell your brand story. Tell visitors why you do what you do. Explain to them your core values. Show them how your business attempts to make the world a better place.

Your customers will recognize their own values in your story, and this will help to forge a strong relationship.

Storytelling is a website essential because no story is the same or at least is told in the same way. Use stories to connect with your buyers, to empathise with their pain and to give them hope that there are solutions. Use your story to position yourself as the solution they’ve been looking for.

See my About Page for an example and you’ll see I have added this to most of my pages. Just because i have written it on that page doesn’t mean everyone will see it. I like to add it to my services too just to reassure my customers they are in good hands.

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4. Social Proof

Well-placed social proof shows that you’re trustworthy and you get results for those who use your products or services. It works because it shows a third party talking about the value you offer, rather than you singing your own praises.

One great method is to include testimonials from past customers or clients. If you can get an influencer to leave you a testimonial, this will work even better. Another way to demonstrate your value is to include information about webinars or speeches you’ve given. This will show that you’re an expert in your field.

Use Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews and copy and paste them throughout your website to reassure your buyers that others have invested in your services and are satisfied with the outcome.

5. Images & Visuals

Your website should include plenty of engaging visuals and images. Humanize your business with a picture of its founder or employees. Take the visitor behind the scenes in your facilities. 

Present detailed and beautiful images of your products. Videos work great as well. A welcome video on your home page is a great way to engage visitors and start building a relationship with them.

This is another mistake I see lots of businesses make on their website. They are not present. Their is no face behind the brand. Introduce yourself and your team so people know who they are dealing with by using good quality photos.

You can create branded images using free design programs like Canva or PicMonkey which have royalty free images you can use or you can pay for the Pro versions which will give you a bigger range of images and more design features.

You can use royalty free images from places like Unsplash or Pixabay you can pay for images from my personal favourites 123rf.com and Depositphotos.com.


6. Clear Calls-to-Action

This is definitely a website element you must be taking seriously. At each point where you want the visitor to take some type of action, give them a clear instruction to do so. Tell them exactly what they need to do in order to receive the benefits you offer.

Actions might include buying products, signing up for your list, following you on social media, checking out content elsewhere, or commenting. If you don’t lead your site visitor to action, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity.

One mistake I see on websites with call to actions is being too passive.  Make your buttons big and bright. Don’t make me look for the buy now button, contact form or pay now – stick it right in my face. Make it easy for me to contact you or buy from you.  

7. Final Website Elements Essentials

Finally, make sure your website has up-to-date contact information with a real address, a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, your Qualifications or certifications you have. This will show that you’re a legit company offering value.


What To Do Next

Do you need some help creating content and structure for your website? Don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s hard to be skilled in every area of your business. That’s where I come in. 

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